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By July 16, 2009June 2nd, 2010Testimonials

“I started going to Bonnie a few years ago after spending years shaving my upper lip and chin. I had made the mistake of using a razor blade years ago and once I started could not stop. They hair just continued to go heavier and darker each year. Finally, with Bonnie’s talent, knowledge and experience all put together she gave me appointments to try to reverse the damage I had done. Well, after a few appointments on a weekly basis, then one appointment weekly, then one appointment every two weeks, once a month ….. and here I am. I now see Bonnie once or twice a year!! This took a couple years to complete, but I am now in a position to not be embarrassed by the extensive hair growth. She has been able to keep it at bay, no shaving, no regrets — except I so wish I had gone to her years ago!!!!”

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