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By February 11, 2010June 2nd, 2010Testimonials

“I have been a client of Bonnie’s for two and one half years. Bonnie performed electrolysis on my bikini area for about a year and it was a long process. When Bonnie first started performing laser hair removal, I was one of her first laser clients; I tried that on my bikini and arm pits. Laser treatments are so much faster and effective than electrolysis. Bonnie performed about 7 treatments on both my bikini and arm pits and the results are wonderful. I just recently began laser on my upper lip. Bonnie is using a slightly lesser number of jewels on this area and there is no pain at all, no redness, and it is so fast. Best of all I feel so much better about my appearance.

Bonnie is very professional and accommodating and her office is immaculate and relaxing.

If you are considering laser, give Bonnie a try. She is great and the results are awesome!”

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  • I used to use stringing to remove my unwanted hair but it was so stressfull that I wanted to find something else. I gave electrolysis a try and it worked fair but was kind of expensive. So I spent a couple months looking at sensepil and was really happy. I actually used the silk n sensepil and was suprisingly pleased with the outcome. It gave me permanent hair removal at an awesome cost. I certainly recommend it to anyone before waxing.

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