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Barbara P.

By April 19, 2010June 2nd, 2010Testimonials

“I am writing this to encourage any woman who suffers with unwanted facial hair. I had an EXTREME case – where I had to shave my chin every morning to go to work, and even run into the bathroom at lunch time to “touch up” – my hair grows very quickly and there was so much it was like I was growing whiskers! I tried laser at another provider – and then found that my red undertones wouldn’t work with laser. So it cost me $500 to discover that, and I was no better off and slightly desperate. I asked the surgeon who did the laser what alternatives I might have and he suggested electrolysis and recommended Bonnie Kelly. I started seeing Bonnie weekly, and after three months the hairs were less and less, and I was much happier. I was able to leave my house without running to check if I had shaved my face or any hairs were showing! We made the appointments farther and farther apart, until after a year I stopped having treatments altogether. For a couple of years I had no hairs at all to remove, but eventually a couple started growing, I think this is due to hormone changes. So, I went back to Bonnie for a “touch up” – and once every three months she does a treatment! It feels like she saved my life. Imagine being a woman who has to shave her face – and try working around people who bust on you, and try to laugh it off. So if you are one of those who suffer like this, I want you to know there is a solution. I highly recommend Bonnie for her great results and compassionate skilled treatment.”

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