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Here are what some of my electrolysis and laser hair removal clients have said over the years:
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4/14/2020 – Julie C.
“I had been interested in doing laser hair removal for many years before I finally took the plunge. My entire life I had struggled with the juxtaposition between my extremely pale skin and my dark (fairly thick) hair, coupled with the fact that my skin is extremely sensitive and I suffered from razor burn on a consistent basis. After doing some research, I discovered Bonnie Kelly and found her pricing to be extremely reasonable in comparison to what I had seen offered elsewhere online. After about a year of working with her, I can honestly say that the results that I have seen are unbeatable and the professionalism that Bonnie displays is unmatched. She is an expert at her craft and an all-around joy to work with! – Julie C.”
2/5/2020 Opal

I’ve been going to Bonnie since August of 2018 For the removal of my facial hair. She’s professional, passionate, kind, knowledgeable, understanding, and flexible. Bonnie goes above and beyond to make our visits a safe and comfortable environment. As a transgender woman, I appreciate Bonnie’s attitude and professionalism. I have and will continue to see Bonnie faithfully every month until my facial hair is 100% gone. Currently my facial hair is about 80-90% gone. Our next session will be electrolysis and I’m looking forward to my appointment with Bonnie. Thank you, Bonnie! You’ve changed my quality of life and I can’t thank you enough for the work that you do!

6/11/2019 Becky
“My experience working with Bonnie has been nothing but positive. Her decades of experience in the field is clear. She is a top notch professional and knows how to make clients feel comfortable. The best outcome? I’ve saved so much time and stress on hair removal!”
5/2019 O’Flynn

I have been going to Bonnie for more than two years now for hair removal. I can’t say enough good about her expertise and her professionalism. Her space is immaculately clean and organized, she always schedules appointments within 24 hours of my contacting her, and I have never had anything but perfect results after treatments. Bonnie is one of the best and most responsible healthcare professionals with whom I have worked. She is warm and personable, and I highly recommend her services.

3/2018 Ness

I started bleaching the hair on my face when I was about fourteen. That continued for decades until age brought on heavier growth, at which point I started tweezing as well. Finally, fed up with the situation, I was fortunate enough to find Bonnie. After a year or so of regular appointments, all I need now is an occasional touchup. Bonnie is always welcoming, kind, cheerful, and professional. I’m only sorry I didn’t find her earlier!

Leah Olansky 1/10/19

Struggled with self-esteemed issues all throughout high school and into my early years of college. After a few treatments on my face and neck, I was able to see almost a 85% difference in my unwanted hair. Bonnie is always able to get me into appointments when I come home from college breaks. I highly recommend Bonnie.

Jeanne Lemlin 1/4/19

I can’t say enough positive things about Bonnie Kelly and her expertise with electrolysis. I went to her a couple of times a month for a year or so, then the appointments were further apart for a year, now I see her once a year for a touch up. I am so pleased with the results that I count those treatments as one of the best things I have ever done for myself. In addition, her office is immaculate and pleasant to visit. All in all a perfect experience.

Sarah DeJesus 3/9/2018

Bonnie is kind & professional and her services are well worth the money spent. Results are noticeable very quickly and continue to improve with each session. Bonnie’s home office is clean & inviting and scheduling is always quick and easy. Had I known the entire process would be this easy, I would have scheduled with her years ago!

Jean Robertson 2/26/18

I have been with Bonnie for 3 years now. From the first time I met Bonnie, I knew I was in good hands. She was very professional and honest. She told me honestly that this journey together was going to be a marathon and not a sprint. She also said we would become like family. In the three years of this journey , I can say we have become like family! Her work on my face has made a huge difference on my confidence as the amount of facial hair was great. I can say that now I feel so much better about myself. I would recommend Bonnie hands down to anyone who needs hair removal! She is not only professional but also caring and makes you feel at ease. Thank you Bonnie, you are awesome!


I have been going to Bonnie for about 7 years. I started with electrolysis for the dark hair that haunted my chin. My skin was so irritated from plucking and the thick hair growth. I then tried laser…. she and that laser changed my life. Her professionalism and care about her patients is truly reflected during every treatment and in the aftercare. I now have a face with less hair and less irritation/acne. I will forever be grateful for Bonnie’s help and knowledge about hormonal hair growth and doing everything she can to make feel confident again. Thank you Bonnie!

Nikki Maddalena

Judy Levin/Septmeber 2017

Bonnie Kelly is THE BEST!! I have had Electrolysis most of my adult life, and she is absolutely the best professional I have ever been to. She is professional, flexible and most importantly, extremely successful in carrying out the mandate to REMOVE HAIR!

In addition, she has bought new equipment, which makes your visit almost painless!

If you are worried about facial hair, I highly recommend you call Bonnie! NOW!

Heather Benlien 6/16/17

For years I suffered with being embarrassed about my facial hair, primarily on my chin. I tried everything…. plucking, waxing, toxic depilatory creams, and it was an endless battle. When I first started seeing Bonnie for electrolysis I felt I would be dealing with more of the same. I was going once a week and felt it would never get better.

Soon after, things began to improve. I only went every 2 weeks. Then went longer than that. I am now seeing Bonnie only every 3-4 months on an as-needed basis for maintenance hair removal and, for me, this has been almost a miracle. What a difference this has made for me. I cannot recommend her and her services highly enough. Wonderful office, very private and spotless, and she is just a lovely person.

You will not be disappointed.

Carla Cross/February 28, 2017

I have been going to Bonnie for three years now and only wish I had done it sooner!! Around the time I turned 40, I started noticing a couple of chin hairs, which over time started to multiply. I made the mistake of starting to shave my chin. By the time I started seeing Bonnie, I was up to shaving my chin two to three times a day. I had to carry a razor and lotion in my purse at all times. It was very embarrassing and such a nuisance. I worked in an office and had contact with many people on a daily basis. It made travel difficult, especially when flying.

Bonnie is very professional and knowledgeable and made me feel at ease from the first time I went to her. When I started my electrolysis, I was going to Bonnie quite frequently, but over time, I have been able to go further out with my appointments. I now go every 3-4 months and even then, there’s hardly any hair!! The only down side is that I don’t get to see Bonnie very often anymore!! She’s a sweetheart!!
I can honestly say Bonnie has made a huge impact on my life. I no longer need to hide my chin. My daughter got married the summer of 2015, so about 15 months after I started electrolysis, and I was able to enjoy the wedding without having to worry about sneaking away at some point to shave!! I would highly recommend Bonnie’s services!!!

Holly Heck January 21, 2017

I’ve been going to Bonnie Kelly for a little over a year and I love love love laser hair removal with her. I’m constantly thinking of how having laser hair removal has made my life so much easier. I started first with my underarms, added the bikini area and have moved on to my legs!

It is a huge time saver. I now have “underarm freedom.” Having dark hair makes it so hard to have a clean shave in the underarm area – and the hair would come back the next day after shaving! Laser hair removal has made it so my underarms are always clean and hairless. I also love the fact that I can throw on a bathing suit and be ready to swim without having to shave the bikini area quickly, deal with razor burn, and still never have a clean shave. I would always to hide in bathing suits that had shorts/skirts, but now don’t have to limit myself. Bring on summer!

I was always interested in getting laser hair removal but never thought I had the time. But Bonnie is located in the Berkshires and is so close to my work – I go on my lunch break with plenty of time to spare.

Thank you Bonnie! 5 stars!

Cindy Coach January 21, 2017

Bonnie is kind and professional, very upfront and honest about cost and length of services and timing of results. The atmosphere is safe, discrete, clean and comfortable. I highly recommend her for your needs!!

K|C December 23, 2016

” I waited 12 years before finding and making an appointment with Bonnie Kelly at Berkshire Hair Removal. The hair under my chin and on my upper lip was a daily worry, and I noticed the area I was tweezing (obsessively), was becoming broader. More hair. The area under my chin was irritated, red and painful.. I had to do something!

I made my first appointment with Bonnie in May. She met me at her door and was kind, welcoming me into her beautiful home and to her home office. I was comforted by the surroundings- the warmth and pristine, spa-like quality of her office. During my consultation I learned about hair growth and hair removal options, and I decided on electrolysis, permanent hair removal.

One thing I’d heard about electrolysis was that it was painful sometimes, and expensive. Ironically, I have found the “expense” affords me freedom to move freely without concern of someone seeing hair under my chin, or the ugly red welts left after tweezing. The “pain” of not wanting someone to touch my face or feeling uncomfortable returning a hug for fear they will feel stubble on their shoulder is over.

Confidence has replaced embarrassment. As a woman, “unwanted hair” is an understatement!

I felt vulnerable walking into my first appointment, but quickly was put at ease. Bonnie has years of experience and has helped so many people. Her assessment of my unwanted facial hair was shocking to me… what I’d been trying to hide for 12 years… She said “Oh! This is not so bad!” Tears came to my eyes. For the first time in 12 years, I knew I was going to get the help I needed. Since May, I’ve noticed significant progress and my visits are less frequent. Recently, Bonnie invested in a new electrolysis machine (Apilus Senior 3G), which is gentler, especially in sensitive areas like the upper lip.

Thank you so much Bonnie! Your caring nature and expertise has truly made a huge impact on my quality of life!

IH| December 8, 2016

“I’ve had a great experience working with Bonnie. She came highly recommended by a friend and I am so glad I made an appointment. Bonnie is knowledgable, professional, and always makes me feel at ease when I come for appointments. I especially appreciate her willingness to explain any step of the process and what to expect over the course of treatment. I have seen amazing results and I know it’s thanks to Bonnie’s careful approach. I used to hold back from certain activities because shaving and waxing would leave my skin irritated. Now, I no longer have to spend precious time worrying about unwanted hair and never hold back from the activities I enjoy—thanks Bonnie!”


SAMAR | October 13, 2016
Thanks to Bonnie, I do not have to pluck another eyebrow hair. It is the best thing I have done and best money I spent. Bonnie is incredible to work with. Personable, professional, and knowledgeable. Her home office is inviting, and warm. I couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you Bonnie!
EP | February 22, 2016

Thank you Bonnie for your expertise and professionalism regarding laser hair removal. Like other clients, I struggled with the embarrassment and low self esteem associated with facial hair. Not anymore! If you have ever thought of having laser hair removal, don’t delay any longer – give Bonnie a call. She will guide you through the process of what can be done. She’s honest, caring, and very knowledgeable.

Karen | January 11, 2016

I started going to Bonnie in October. After years of putting it off. It has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I have had dark facial hair since high school and have tried it all. Waxing gave me blisters, so for years I bleached and plucked. As a girl and then as a woman I cant tell you what it does to your self confidence worrying about whether or not others could see it. Bonnie at first kept saying be patient, we’ll get there and I have to say we have. She is so supportive and helps you get through the first month because I couldn’t pluck anymore and that drove me crazy, but now only 3 months in I have seen a huge difference. Bonnie is wonderful and my self esteem is so much better. I could not be happier with the results. You will not find a more knowledgable supportive person. Thank you Bonnie. What a huge difference in my life this has made.

Suzanne | December 19, 2015

I have been tweezing facial and neck hair since I was in my mid teens. It got to the point where I was so ashamed of how I looked, that I could not even look at my face in a mirror. I have been going to Bonnie for the last 20 months and I can finally say I do not constantly worry about facial hair. I do look at my face in a mirror and and am in awe of the lack of hairs that I find. I feel so much more like a woman now! I would highly recommend Bonnie for any hair removal needs.

CL | October 13, 2015

Thanks to Bonnie I will be able to keep my Senior pre-emptive promise to myself to never be that nursing home woman with 3″ long white chin hairs. Stop tweezing, waxing and shaving today and make an appointment with Bonnie. The difference is noticeable immediately! My confidence in my appearance has soared!

KR | August 15, 2015

Unwanted hair had been a constant battle all my life. Having previously tried and failed laser elsewhere, I had given up hope until I met Bonnie. At my very first meeting with her she explained that laser was not the preferred treatment for my skin type and I would do better with electrolysis. So right she was! I have been going to her for nearly two years now and she has worked patiently on my face and underarms. The difference I see in myself to two years ago is remarkable.
Her work has made a big positive impact in how I feel about myself and my confidence.

Being an Endocrinologist myself, and seeing women deal with these issues, I know that there are not many medication options to treat unwanted hair and it is a frustrating problem. In my case electrolysis has been a savior, but more importantly it is the person I chose to have the treatment with. Bonnie is professional, skilled, patient and an amazing person. She is honest and upfront about things. She never gives you false hopes. She is flexible and very understanding of ones needs. She had made the generally painful electrolysis process, as pain free as possible and totally worth it! I strongly recommend her skilled services to everyone trying to deal the hideous hair problems. Thank you Bonnie. You are awesome !!!


Karen | May 14, 2015

I had previous electrolysis with several different technicians in the past, but I never felt completely comfortable or confident in their procedures. I was not convinced I would ever see a lessening of unwanted hair in my lifetime.

All that changed when I met Bonnie Kelly. Bonnie immediately made me feel comfortable in her beautiful office, and confident as she discussed her work with me. As I continue to work with her, she listens and takes time to answer my questions.. She explains aftercare and makes sure I am doing OK when treatment is trying. She is totally understanding of my plight. At this time, the results are better than I could have imagined!

I cannot recommend Bonnie highly enough! Bonnie is a highly skilled technician, and her technique is impeccable. She is understanding and kind. Bonnie is the person you want to have guide you through this process.

Monica | May 5, 2015

I started using Bonnie’s Electrolysis services about 18 months ago. I had a lot of excess facial hair – some of which were dark and very noticeable. When I first started – I needed to have these hairs removed every 2 weeks – and it would take Bonnie half an hour to remove them. Now I only need a 15 minute appointment every 6 weeks or so – and any remaining hairs are very light and fine.

I am very pleased with how well this has worked. Bonnie is very professional and helpful and her pricing is reasonable.

If you need electrolysis services and live within reach of Pittsfield in The Berkshires – I would warmly recommend Berkshire Hair Removal.

MH | March 30, 2015

Nervous and excited is the best way to describe me at my first appointment with Bonnie. A friend recommended her and I was apprehensive. All my concerns disappeared as soon as Bonnie greeted me at the door! She was personable and professional. Her workplace is immaculate. She patiently explained the differences between laser and electrolysis and advised what would best suit my needs. I have been seeing Bonnie since August 2014 and I am thrilled with the results. Her skill is exceptional. No more unsightly hair after only a relatively few appointments. As of now it seems we are only chasing strays…eyebrows, chin, upper lip, legs, bikini, and underarms. I could not be happier. My only regret is not connecting with Bonnie earlier in my life!!

lynnp | February 18, 2015

Like so many of the other women, I have struggled with unwanted facial hair since childhood. It really does impact someone’s level of self esteem. I can honestly say, since I’ve been working with Bonnie I couldn’t be happier with the results. I feel very secure with her knowledge and she is incredibly flexible with her schedule. Bonnie is always professional and her prices are excellent. I’m so glad I found her ?

Laurie C | January 23, 2015

I have dealt with unwanted facial hair since I was 12. I tried bleaching, Nairing, tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, and shaving. I tried Nair on my chin once and then, when the hair grew back, it was too coarse for Nair to work again. I had no other choice but to start shaving my chin every day. I have been shaving my chin since I was 16 and waxing my upper lip since I was 22.

It was always so embarrassing. I could never go out in public without shaving my chin and putting makeup on to hide the dark pores. I didn’t like staying over other people’s houses, because I always worried that my secret would be discovered in the morning.

At the age of 34, after having my second child, my unwanted hair problem got worse. It got harder to hide. I finally decided that I had to try laser hair removal. A very good friend of mine referred me to Bonnie Kelly at Berkshire Hair Removal. Bonnie is always professional and greets you at the door with a smile.

After the first treatment alone, I saw about an 80% reduction in hair growth. After 7 treatments, the results are remarkable! There are only a few tiny, more resistant spots on my chin and there are hardly any dark hairs on my upper lip anymore. I have gotten to a point where I can start skipping a couple of days of shaving my chin, which I never thought would be possible! I also don’t need to wear makeup anymore, unless I want to for a special occasion.

Having this done has really improved my confidence and self-esteem. This is truly a life changing experience. I would highly recommend Bonnie Kelly at Berkshire Hair Removal for your unwanted hair removal needs.

Amanda T. | April 16, 2014

When I was 11 years old my mom started taking me for electrolysis. She had battled unwanted hair for years and hoped that I could get ahead of it while I was young. Fast forward 25 years… unwanted hair was still an issue. Until I met Bonnie Kelly. I’ve worked with 5 other practitioners over the years, in different cities all over the country. Bonnie Kelly is the best. She’s knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, she’s affordable.

After seeing such good results from electrolysis with Bonnie, I asked her about laser hair removal. I am very fair skinned and have dark hair. While I’ve always known I am a good candidate, my sometimes questionable results with electrolysis made me wonder whether the cost of laser would be worth it. It is.

Bonnie told me to estimate approximately 6-8 treatments for my legs (knees and lower leg) and underarms. I just had my fourth treatment and I suspect that Bonnie has successfully eliminated the majority of my unwanted hair. I anticipate having a few touch-ups (both electrology and laser) in my future, but I feel I’ve finally reached that state of hairlessness my mother had planned for me all along.

Not having to shave, pluck, tweeze, wax, or even think about hair has been truly freeing. Thank you Bonnie!

Jen D. | February 12, 2014

I had always dreamed of laser hair removal for my legs, but was concerned about the expense, the pain, and finding a good, safe place to have it done. I am forever grateful to have found Bonnie Kelly, who is so skilled and professional in her impeccable, private and clean home office. Bonnie really took the time to go over the whole procedure with me in the consult, asking all the right questions and advising me of every possible detail. She estimated it would take 8 treatments to fully remove all the coarse, dark hair from my very fair skin. I was nervous about the cost, but decided to go for it. Well, after just two treatments, which weren’t as painful as I feared, about 90% of the hair was gone! I had a touch up appointment and then one more full treatment. Since my third full treatment, I’ve been back for two very brief and less expensive touch ups. The whole thing was much less expensive than I initially thought and so worth it! I never have to think about waxing or shaving or waiting for the hair to be long enough to wax or can I wear a skirt today–are my legs too hairy?? It’s a dream. I also decided to go ahead and try the laser on my upper lip, which I had waxed for years. I worried about redness and scarring but no–it took seconds and the hair was gone! You can’t put a price on the freedom you feel never having to worry about hair removal ever again. If you have found this page and are wondering if you should see Bonnie Kelly, don’t hesitate! She is the best!

Sam | November 26, 2013

I worked with Bonnie for over 6 months doing electrolysis for my eye brows. Bonnie is remarkable on many levels. Her demeanor makes the experience of electrolysis like a breeze. She is timely, reliable and does a remarkable job shaping eye brows. I never thought I would have the result I have. I have not used tweezers in months, and as a result save a lot of time every morning.

The experience of working with Bonnie goes beyond the work she does. She is warm and personal in the way she works with individuals. I love going into her home and her office. The whole space is spotless and the moment you encounter her smile and her welcome, you know you are in good hands.

RB | September 7, 2013

Bonnie is professional, efficient and effective. She sees clients in a lovely private setting , and always greets you with a smile. I was tired of always worrying about unwanted hair, and with Bonnie’s treatments I can relax for longer and longer periods of time. That means a lot both personally and professionally. I am so glad she is located centrally in the Berkshires. She is a great asset to the harried hairy hordes!

Lynn C. | June 18, 2013

I have been a client of Bonnie Kelly’s for —– years. After years of waxing my eyebrows I decided to try electrolysis. Although it was a lengthy process, I couldn’t be more pleased. The time went by whether I was doing electrolysis or not and now I have perfectly shaped eye brows FOREVER, without any maintenance.
When Bonnie began the laser hair removal portion of her business, I was a bit skeptical. However, I had always been self- conscious of my bikini line and hated the red bumps left from shaving and waxing. Then there was the “5 o’clock shadow” under my arm pits regardless of how often I shaved. NOT ATTRACTIVE!
Lasering those two areas was the best decision I ever made since I own a swimming pool and practically live in my swim suit all summer long.

Bonnie was phenomenal. She was thorough, experienced and caring. If you are considering these treatments, don’t think twice. Bonnie Kelly Hair Removal is the place for you!

Mary H | November 15, 2012

My experience has been nothing but enjoyable. Bonnie’s level of professionalism is so extensive you feel totally confident with her services. I have recommended her to my friends and will continue to do so. I would have never ventured to a salon for hair removal so having her office at her home was an added plus that took the anxiety out of the first visit!
Thank You Bonnie

Anonymous Guy | September 14, 2012

Over the years, I found that hair on my chest and back kept growing in thicker. I could have said it was masculine, but it felt itchy and unhygienic if I let it go, or was simply time-consuming and not easy to manscape. I really didn’t like having much hair on my body, especially when being involved in fitness. So, I chose to try Bonnie’s laser hair removal. Now my body always feels a lot cleaner, and cooler in the summer, and I also feel better about the way I look. Before I met Bonnie, I did some homework, and found one place that charged outrageous rates, was far away, and had a very pushy staff. Then, I found out about Bonnie. I was worried at first if I would have to miss work, if it could be done discreetly in such a small community, if appointments could be made easily, if rates would be more reasonable, and if state of the art technology would be used in the Berkshires. The answers to all my questions all ended up being positive ones, and I got great results. So, I recommend Bonnie’s laser hair removal.

Jeanne | August 8, 2012

I have been to three electrologists in Berkshire County and none compares to Bonnie Kelly. She is very professional, highly competent, and she has an immaculately clean, modern office. I had particularly troublesome hair follicles and Bonnie did a combination of laser and electrolysis to solve my problem for good. I just wish I knew about her in the beginning and didn’t waste my time with the others. She knows her stuff and is very likable – a great combination. Go – you won’t regret it. It’s worth every penny to feel good about yourself.

YA | November 27, 2011

Bonnie is a true professional! I have been so pleased with the results from the laser hair removal and electrolysis – it is truly liberating to not have to worry about shaving, waxing, plucking etc.! I would highly recommend Bonnie for private, professional service.

Hannah Provencher | October 1, 2011

I first met Bonnie nearly a year ago. I had been considering electrolysis, and she was highly recommended by another professional who was treating me at the time. When I called for my first appointment with Bonnie I was very nervous and embarrassed. Meeting her for the first time immediately dispelled any concerns. She is genuinely warm and friendly, as well as being an exceptionally skilled electrologist. Before I began my sessions with her I had been shaving twice a day. Now, 10 months later, my face is almost completely hair free. Everyone asks “Does it hurt? and “Does it cost a lot?” 1. No more than a slight pinch. 2. No. Bonnie’s rates are very reasonable. She should double her fee considering all the therapy I have received from her as a bonus. Bonnie truly cares about her clients, and I am certain that anyone in need of hair removal will be as pleased as I have been with the results. I now have a new face and a new friend. Thank you Bonnie!

Carol | September 13, 2011

In a culture where the beauty tips you hear of are about beautiful skin and hair and clothes, it’s supremely embarrassing to be a woman who has to deal with facial hair. It’s demoralizing actually. And the first time I went to Bonnie, she was the recipient of all of my frustration over a lifetime of dealing with this issue. I’m sure that after my first appointment, she wasn’t sure if I’d come back. But she was like a cheerleader. She didn’t give me any false hope about hair removal being an easy or short process. She laid out my options and told it like it was. But she was so encouraging, I made the decision to ride on her confidence that I could actually get to a point where this issue didn’t rule my life.

I decided on electrolysis, and the first scary step was to stop tweezing the hairs on my face. The first few months, I went to her several times a week. Now 15 months later, I just “graduated” to one appointment every 8 weeks. Now, if I was reading this post when I first started, I would be thinking “15 months and she still has hair on her face! What’s the point!!” But what I can honestly say is, this issue no longer rules my life. I shave between appointments, hardly at all, and a quick visit to Bonnie solves the problem. I hardly think about it, and I doubt anyone notices hair on my face anymore. Now I can think about makeup and hair color and clothes, or anything else, without feeling as if I have a deep, dark embarrassing secret. If you have the same problem as I do, take the leap. Life is too short. Here’s a problem that’s actually solvable.

Denice | February 1, 2011

I’ve had dark facial hair since I was young and began electrolysis at the age of 19, I’m now 60, after trying several methods to make the facial hair less obvious. I discovered Bonnie after my electrologist retired. Bonnie is a kind, gentle individual, who makes you feel very relaxed. During one of my visits she asked if I ever thought about doing my eyebrows (I always tweezed). I gave it a try and after just a few visits I have nicely shaped eyebrows to be proud of along with the other great work that she does. Bonnie, your the best.

Lynn | December 21, 2010

I’ve dealt with excessive dark facial hair since adolescence. I tried every remedy possible with less than satisfactory results. I met Bonnie Kelly years ago for electrolysis and while I did not experience permanent results, I was satisfied with going in on a regular basis for maintenance control. When Bonnie introduced laser treatment to her business, I was sure I could not afford such a service; and I was convinced after thirty years of facial hair, nothing was going to work on me. After hearing about the wonderful results clients were getting with laser, I decided to try it myself. I can’t believe how well I responded. After each treatment there was a dramatic change. The hair came in much thinner and with each treatment I had more smooth, touchable skin!! Money wise, laser is a much better value because it gets more hair in a treatment as opposed to electrolysis which tackles one hair at a time. While it costs more up front, the treatment area is much larger and the hair eventually doesn’t come back at all. While I miss my regular visits, because Bonnie has turned out to be one of my friends, I don’t miss constantly treating my facial hair. I go in for periodic treatments but these are getting to be fewer and fewer. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Bonnie for all your help.

T.M. | December 16, 2010

In a private and professional setting two and a half years ago, I was recommended to Bonnie Kelly for electrolysis after two unsuccessful laser treatments at another location with someone else. My first visit to Bonnie’s was so uncomfortable and embarrassing for me! Bonnie was so professional and caring about the process, (though I was skeptical), I really had nothing to lose. This was my last resort to feel good about the way I looked. I really did have a beard! After an intensive month of treatments, (literally one to two times a week for at least 30 minutes), my face, chin and upper lip were clear of hair. We have finally reached a point where I only need one 15 minute session every 7 weeks. This has been amazing for me, what a revelation! We have come a long way! My case was VERY extreme and this process has changed my life. I no longer have to examine my face and try to remove hair by tweezing or bleaching to disguise dark hair. Added to the electrolysis Bonnie had me try a laser treatment on her machine for my upper lip. Once again hesitant, we went ahead and the treatment actually got rid of those fine little dark annoying hairs that have not returned. My first laser experience was less than positive, but Bonnie Kelly has changed my idea about the whole process. I will be having more laser treatments and I recommend Bonnie to anyone who is looking for a more permanent hair removal solution. I no longer have to look in a mirror anymore and try to hide what was for me a very big problem. My face overall has improved over time because I am no longer damaging my skin and constantly touching my face.

THANK YOU Bonnie! Thanks for giving me a solution that I did not believe was possible. I hope other people find the courage to seek you out.

Louisa | November 26, 2010

A few years ago I started seeing Bonnie for problem facial hair. She is always professional,gentle, and private. I highly recommend her for hair removal. I also had her use laser hair removal on my underarms. It’s been wonderful, I never have to shave under my arms!
Thanks so much Bonnie

Liz P. | October 20, 2010

Getting electrolysis has been the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I had more years of tweezing and waxing than I care to count. On a whim I called Bonnie for a treatment. After my first treatment I was so happy that I continued the course, at first weekly, then monthly, and eventually going every 6 months to completion. I am pleased to say it has now been 10 years and I just went back for a touchup in which even Bonnie had a hard time seeing the few rogue hairs. I think I just missed her and wanted to catch up!!! Thanks again Bonnie. It’s been liberating.

Celeste | October 20, 2010

I began getting weekly (15) minute electrolysis treatments in June, due to that magnified image in the rearview mirror that led me to feel so alone and embarrassed. In addition to soothing treatments in a wonderful and discreet atmosphere, my conversations with Bonnie helped me to realize that facial hair is very common among women, that yet again I am not alone in the fight to put my most beautiful self forward, whether it is by struggling to eradicate facial hair or struggling to lose weight, or to dress sexy. It is societal pressure that keeps us in a panic over these things. If you are waxing regularly, don’t; it was destroying my skin. I have a lot less facial “fuzz”, and a renewed confidence in my looks now…this is permanent hair removal!! And with no more waxing, my skin has cleared up. Waxing just keeps you in an unhealthy cycle emotionally (because the hair just keeps jumping back out at you in the rear view mirror within a week or so), and waxing is destroying your skin!! Bonnie runs a wonderful business, providing a quality service, she has a wonderful personality that puts you at ease and she treats you with a personal understanding of what we all face in the pressure of being a woman in the 21st century!! Thank you Bonnie.

Mary D. | August 27, 2010

Bonnie Kelly is a star. She is the rare person who is able to combine warmth and professionalism, and her eagerness to help others is evident from the first appointment. She is honest and knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge with others. I have been to several electrologists in other cities in the US and Canada, and Bonnie Kelly is the BEST there is. Thank you, Bonnie, for all your help. You have made such a difference in my life.

Kathy G. | August 12, 2010

Dear Bonnie,

It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that I send this long overdue letter. Your service with both electrolysis and laser treatments have liberated me greatly. My grooming routine has been cut to a minimal amount of time. I know I will always be greeted with a smile and warm “hello” when I arrive for my appointment. Your treatment room is always immaculate and very inviting as well. The professionalism you show me is unsurpassed, and I don’t hesitate recommending you to my friends.

Thank you for all you have done for me.

Bev K | August 10, 2010

Thank you Bonnie! When I started coming to you 3 years ago I really didn’t believe I could be hair free. At first it was every week and only my chin. When that was kind of under control we started on the upper lip. Today, after a period of 10 weeks since my last appointment there were only 4 or 5 hairs from my chin and you did my lip. I wish I had started treatments earlier but the anticipation of finding a technician as good as you kept me from trying it. Now the only bad part is you may forget who I am. Thanks again.

Jo | August 9, 2010

Thanks Bonnie for all your wonderful work. My face feels as clean as your lovely, clean setting. You are sensitive and make my coming to get my hair removed a pleasure. I recommend Bonnie to anyone who is thinking about hair removal. She’s excellent.

Former “bearded lady” | July 15, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary, new face! And, many thanks to you, Bonnie. I had been hot waxing my face for 35 years, but last summer I had had enough. Putting at least a dozen hot wax strips on my face every week took its toll on my skin! I had over 100 hairs on my chin alone ( wish I had saved some of those wax strips or at least photographed them so that you could have seen for yourself. My face had non-stop acne and always looked rough. I called Berkshire Hair Removal, met with Bonnie, and at our last electrolysis appointment (after going 3 weeks without one), Bonnie and I were both amazed that toward the end of the 1/2 hour appointment, we were both looking for hairs!! And, I had had only about electrolysis treatments over the past year. I am free! I am free from hot wax. I am free from blemishes. I am free to go on vacation without coming home with a full beard! I love my new face. What a difference electrolysis has made in my life! Thank you, Bonnie. Before Bonnie, I was thinking that being the “bearded lady” in the circus may have been the way to supplement my retirement income. Woohoo!!! That nightmare no longer exists!!!

Marj | July 15, 2010

I highly recommend laser hair removal and Bonnie’s services. I have only had three laser treatments on my previously very hirsute legs. This summer has been the best! No more 5 o’clock shadow. I need to shave my legs now only once a week. From what I have witnessed thus far, it’s soooooo worth it!! Once summer is over, I will resume my last 3 laser treatments and be done.

If you have unwanted hair, have Bonnie zap it with her laser machine. The financial investment is high, but the 10 minutes I spent each day shaving adds up to over 60 hours per year. And, “time is money” is a philosophy I follow. I have found shaving just 10 minutes a week quite a luxury!!

Bonnie is so laid back and gentle! I use her services for electrolysis as well. We have gotten to know each other and have become “sisters.”

Love ya, Bonnie!!

Audrey | May 18, 2010

I don’t know if there is enough room on Bonnie’s page for me to express how wonderful she is. I have been seeing Bonnie for over a year, first for electrolysis and now for laser. Both services she offers are wonderful but I cannot tell you how great and painless laser is. I have always had confidence in myself but always found myself putting my head down thinking people would see my shadow. After my first laser treatment I now walk into things because my head is held high thanks to Bonnie.

Bonnie has found herself a client for life regardless if I have hair that needs to be removed. Thank you Bonnie for being such a wonderful person as well as Esthetician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara P. | April 19, 2010

I am writing this to encourage any woman who suffers with unwanted facial hair. I had an EXTREME case – where I had to shave my chin every morning to go to work, and even run into the bathroom at lunch time to “touch up” – my hair grows very quickly and there was so much it was like I was growing whiskers! I tried laser at another provider – and then found that my red undertones wouldn’t work with laser. So it cost me $500 to discover that, and I was no better off and slightly desperate. I asked the surgeon who did the laser what alternatives I might have and he suggested electrolysis and recommended Bonnie Kelly. I started seeing Bonnie weekly, and after three months the hairs were less and less, and I was much happier. I was able to leave my house without running to check if I had shaved my face or any hairs were showing! We made the appointments farther and farther apart, until after a year I stopped having treatments altogether. For a couple of years I had no hairs at all to remove, but eventually a couple started growing, I think this is due to hormone changes. So, I went back to Bonnie for a “touch up” – and once every three months she does a treatment! It feels like she saved my life. Imagine being a woman who has to shave her face – and try working around people who bust on you, and try to laugh it off. So if you are one of those who suffer like this, I want you to know there is a solution. I highly recommend Bonnie for her great results and compassionate skilled treatment.

PT | April 18, 2010

Bonnie has done a wonderful job. Our family of women seem to be blessed with facial hair. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that this hair is a symbol of strength. Wrong….just unattractive and a constant worry. And constant plucking. So I haven’t had to worry or pluck anymore. Thanks Bonnie for a job well done. It takes time for perfection, so be patient, let her take the worry out of LOOKING and FEELING great and totally self-confident. I would highly recommend to any woman who wants to get rid of this embarrassment !!!
Thanks Bonnie for caring !!

Alice B. | March 25, 2010

Five years ago, I came Bonnie with black hairs on my chin from constantly plucking and a shadow line above my lips. I had been afraid of electrolysis as I had been told many false rumors-only three hairs are removed at a time, it hurts, you have to keep going forever, to name a few. After five weeks, the hair was gone. Bonnie said I could come every other week, then three weeks, then a month. After that, I was to come when I felt I needed it. She was honest-did not have me come when I didn’t need it. I would have had she said the word. Now I may go every six to eight months for a clean up, as I see fit, having one or two light hairs that are visible only to me – and Bonnie. I am no longer embarrassed about my facial hair. Thank you, Bonnie. You’ve been a ego booster & made me more self confident. I cannot thank you enough.

Sue | February 11, 2010

I have been a client of Bonnie’s for two and one half years. Bonnie performed electrolysis on my bikini area for about a year and it was a long process. When Bonnie first started performing laser hair removal, I was one of her first laser clients; I tried that on my bikini and arm pits. Laser treatments are so much faster and effective than electrolysis. Bonnie performed about 7 treatments on both my bikini line and arm pits and the results are wonderful. I just recently began laser on my upper lip. Bonnie is using a slightly lesser number of joules on this area and there is no pain at all, no redness, and it is so fast. Best of all I feel so much better about my appearance.

Bonnie is very professional and accommodating and her office is immaculate and relaxing.

If you are considering laser, give Bonnie a try. She is great and the results are awesome!

Eileen R. | October 4, 2009

I have had electrolysis treatments for years and if Laser hair removal had been an option years ago, I would have been Bonnie’s best customer. Laser hair removal is wonderful, I have had 3 treatments on my legs and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I rarely have to shave, but before, after shaving, I could always see the black root, now that is GONE, my legs are smoother and clean. Bonnie is terrific, she explains the treatment completely and I always feel at ease. Don’t hesitate to call Bonnie and have your first laser treatment…….You will be thrilled with the results.

Deb | October 4, 2009

I had excessive facial hair on my upper lip for years and it was embarrassing and a nuisance. I have thought about getting laser hair removal done for a long time but was scared to try laser on my upper lip. I was so afraid that the hair would grow back thicker and courser. I always bleached the upper lip area and did electrolysis at times. Laser hair removal sounds scary to people but it really not scary and a lot less painful than any other treatment.

I was reluctant at first and just tried the bikini area. I was so thrilled with the results and could never imagine I could have such smooth, clear skin in areas where I was once plagued with ingrown hairs or stubble. Just knowing I will never have to wax that area again is a relief.

Bonnie put me at ease about the entire procedure. Bonnie is a well trained specialist who is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything I should expect. I had Bonnie do my upper lip and could not be happier with the results. I have also done my underarms along with my bikini area and it is like a dream come true. No more shaving, waxing or bleaching.

Bonnie, thank you for all your help. I am extremely happy with the results and expertise.

Anonymous | September 25, 2009

If you’re thinking about laser hair removal just do it . It is so worth it. Bonnie will give you her full attention, make you feel comfortable, and educate you all at the same time. I have had 5 or 6 treatments in my bikini area and one treatment under my arms. It has been 4 weeks and I have not had to shave under my arms. I love it. My legs are next. I am very happy with my results. Thank you, thank you, Bonnie you are the best.

Anonymous | August 25, 2009

Incredible results right after the first treatment. I have had 6 treatments and I love the freedom-no shaving, waxing or tweezing! I can wear a bathing suit or a sleeveless shirt without planning for it. Bonnie is a true professional. She is meticulous about her work. She really cares about customer satisfaction. This is the place to go if you are looking for organized, informative, courteous, and sensitive hair removal in the Berkshires!

Anonymous | August 8, 2009

I was reluctant to try laser hair removal for two reasons. 1. Cost 2. Would it work for me. I started with my underarms and have had two treatments. I am sooo pleased with the results – I have not had to shave since my last treatment nearly six weeks ago. Well worth the cost for the convenience. Thank you Bonnie.
I am looking forward to start work on my bikini area this fall and continue onto my legs for a smoother appearance. I would highly recommend a consultation with Bonnie to see what she has to offer.

Michele | August 1, 2009

Bonnie, you made my hair removal process comfortable and bearable. It’s been over 7 years and I’m still happy with the results!

However, as I don’t miss the hair, I do miss our laughs and conversations. It was nice running into you the other day at Macy’s. Let’s make a plan to get together soon for lunch or something. Take care….Michele

Suzy | July 16, 2009

I started going to Bonnie a few years ago after spending years shaving my upper lip and chin. I had made the mistake of using a razor blade years ago and once I started could not stop. The hair just continued to go heavier and darker each year. Finally, with Bonnie’s talent, knowledge and experience all put together she gave me appointments to try to reverse the damage I had done. Well, after a few appointments on a weekly basis, then one appointment weekly, then one appointment every two weeks, once a month ….. and here I am. I now see Bonnie once or twice a year!! This took a couple years to complete, but I am now in a position to not be embarrassed by the extensive hair growth. She has been able to keep it at bay, no shaving, no regrets — except I so wish I had gone to her years ago!!!!

Anita Q. | July 16, 2009

To Whom it May Concern: Thank God for Bonnie Kelly and thank God for electrolysis! About 4 years ago illness dictated that I be put on a medication called Prednisone. Unfortunately, one of the many unpleasant side effects of Prednisone is increased facial hair in women. And it happened to me. At the time I was experiencing this dilemma, I was frantic because I knew of no one in this area who did electrolysis. And then — a miracle! Bonnie opened her office and saved my life! In the beginning, I went once a week; then I went progressively less and less until now when I go once every two months to see what, if any, work needs to be done. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal procedure. Bonnie does excellent work, and I’ll be forever grateful to her. And, incidentally, she’s a great gal!

Marcy G. | April 15, 2009

It has been over 5 yrs since I’ve completed by electrolysis with Bonnie. I’ve not once had to return for any regrowth. She’s completed my upper lip and eyebrows for me. Before I meet Bonnie I was so conscious of my upper lip especially when talking to other people. She’s given me the confidence I didn’t know I had. She’s so knowledgeable & professional in what she does. Thanks so much Bonnie for everything you’ve done.

Rebecca | April 14, 2009

Bonnie, thank you for your extra efforts with my sensitive skin! My story: I had been a waxer/tweezer for years until recently when a friend recommended me to Bonnie. I was so excited at the thought of permanent hair removal. Unfortunately, within a few days of my first appointment I had an allergic reaction on/around my eyebrows – of course it didn’t look as bad I thought, but since it was on my face I was very self-conscious of it. I called Bonnie and she told me some steps to take and had me stop in to have her look at it. The chance of an allergic reaction to the electrolysis is very small, but she thought it may have been the metals in the needle she used. After she looked at me in person she thought differently, it must have been her gloves! So, she ordered special gloves just for me and after I had healed I went in for a short session…it was a success!! Bonnie was wonderful, calling to check on me days, evenings, weekends, making sure my reaction was getting better and then working with me to fix the problem so that I could continue with my treatments. I tell anyone I can about Bonnie and how knowledgeable and wonderful she is, and how clean her office is. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a permanent hair removal solution. Thank you Bonnie!

Bryn | March 26, 2009

Just a little note to thank you for your warmth, kindness, and encouragement. Also, it is just so wonderful to have my face feel so nice and smooth. I don’t have to flinch when my husband reaches out to touch me anymore. Thanks!

Julie | March 26, 2009

This testimonial is long overdue! The fact that it is late in no way takes away from my gratitude for meeting Registered Electrologist, Bonnie Kelly.

My first appointment with Bonnie was approximately seven years ago. A friend recommended her to me. At that time, my desire was to remove facial hair. Although I am fair skinned, I was using the tweezers almost daily. Initially I scheduled appointments every two weeks with Bonnie and the results were wonderful! The comfort level provided by this professional made and continues to make the experience a pleasure.

As I said, in the first year I met with Bonnie twenty-four times, in 2001 it was seventeen appointments, thirteen in ’02, eleven in ’03, seven in ’04, and six in ’05. I have sworn off tweezing forever! Finally, in the last two years, I have seen Bonnie just twice a year, which is great for my wallet, but I miss our wonderful conversations about family, friends and life in general.


Marie | March 26, 2009

Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me. All my life I was self-conscious about my facial hair. I am so glad that I made an appointment with you back then. I am so happy with the results that I just had to let you know. No more plucking or waxing. Thanks again.

Margaret R. | March 24, 2009

Just a note to say how absolutely thrilled I am about the results of my electrolysis treatments. I’m very pleased with the permanence of my results and feel much less self-conscious and confident when meeting people close-up. I have recommended you to several others. My daughter even says I look younger! Thank you so much.

Marie P. | February 27, 2009

I have been a client of Bonnie Kelly for about 2 years. Before that, I was using a facial buffer that made even the fine blond hairs come back darker. I am very satisfied and highly recommend electrolysis. Private and professional. Thank you Bonnie.

Jane W. | February 27, 2009

Thanks for all that you do for me. You’ve made a GREAT difference in my outlook. Thanks again.

Sue C. | January 29, 2009

Facial hairs and tweezing have been an embarrassment and a huge annoyance over the years. Bonnie’s ad empowered me to action, and her appointments always have me feeling smooth and cleansed. I so appreciate her and her expertise.

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