Jeanne Lemlin 1/4/19

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I can’t say enough positive things about Bonnie Kelly and her expertise with electrolysis. I went to her a couple of times a month for a year or so, then the appointments were further apart for a year, now I see her once a year for a touch up. I am so pleased with the results that I count those treatments as one of the best things I have ever done for myself. In addition, her office is immaculate and pleasant to visit. All in all a perfect experience.

Leah Olansky 1/10/19

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Struggled with self-esteemed issues all throughout high school and into my early years of college. After a few treatments on my face and neck, I was able to see almost a 85% difference in my unwanted hair. Bonnie is always able to get me into appointments when I come home from college breaks. I highly recommend Bonnie.