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“I don’t know if there is enough room on Bonnie’s page for me to express how wonderful she is. I have been seeing Bonnie for over a year, first for electrolysis and now for laser. Both services she offers are wonderful but I cannot tell you how great an painless laser is. I have always had confidence in myself but always found myself putting my head down thinking people would see my shadow. After my first laser treatment I now walk into things because my head is held high thanks to Bonnie.

Bonnie has found herself a client for life regardless if I have hair that needs to be removed. Thank you Bonnie for being such a wonderful person as well as Esthetician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Barbara P.

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“I am writing this to encourage any woman who suffers with unwanted facial hair. I had an EXTREME case – where I had to shave my chin every morning to go to work, and even run into the bathroom at lunch time to “touch up” – my hair grows very quickly and there was so much it was like I was growing whiskers! I tried laser at another provider – and then found that my red undertones wouldn’t work with laser. So it cost me $500 to discover that, and I was no better off and slightly desperate. I asked the surgeon who did the laser what alternatives I might have and he suggested electrolysis and recommended Bonnie Kelly. I started seeing Bonnie weekly, and after three months the hairs were less and less, and I was much happier. I was able to leave my house without running to check if I had shaved my face or any hairs were showing! We made the appointments farther and farther apart, until after a year I stopped having treatments altogether. For a couple of years I had no hairs at all to remove, but eventually a couple started growing, I think this is due to hormone changes. So, I went back to Bonnie for a “touch up” – and once every three months she does a treatment! It feels like she saved my life. Imagine being a woman who has to shave her face – and try working around people who bust on you, and try to laugh it off. So if you are one of those who suffer like this, I want you to know there is a solution. I highly recommend Bonnie for her great results and compassionate skilled treatment.”


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“Bonnie has done a wonderful job. Our family of women seem to be blessed with facial hair. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that this hair is a symbol of strength. Wrong….just unattractive and a constant worry. And constant plucking. So I haven’t had to worry or pluck anymore. Thanks Bonnie for a job well done. It takes time for perfection, so be patient, let her take the worry out of LOOKING and FEELING great and totally self-confident. I would highly recommend to any woman who wants to rid this embarrassment !!!
Thanks Bonnie for caring !!”

Alice B.

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“Five years ago, I came Bonnie with black hairs on my chin from constantly plucking and a shadow line above my lips. I had been afraid of electrolysis as I had been told many false rumors-only three hairs are removed at a time, it hurts, you have to keep going forever, to name a few. After five weeks, the hair was gone. Bonnie said I could come every other week, then three weeks, then a month. After that, I was to come when I felt I needed it. She was honest-did not have me come when I didn’t need it. I would have had she said the word. Now I may go every six to eight months for a clean up, as I see fit, having one or two light hair that’s visible only to me – and Bonnie. I am no longer embarassed about my facial hair. Thank you, Bonnie. You’ve been a ego booster & made me more self confident. I cannot thank you enough.”


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“I have been a client of Bonnie’s for two and one half years. Bonnie performed electrolysis on my bikini area for about a year and it was a long process. When Bonnie first started performing laser hair removal, I was one of her first laser clients; I tried that on my bikini and arm pits. Laser treatments are so much faster and effective than electrolysis. Bonnie performed about 7 treatments on both my bikini and arm pits and the results are wonderful. I just recently began laser on my upper lip. Bonnie is using a slightly lesser number of jewels on this area and there is no pain at all, no redness, and it is so fast. Best of all I feel so much better about my appearance.

Bonnie is very professional and accommodating and her office is immaculate and relaxing.

If you are considering laser, give Bonnie a try. She is great and the results are awesome!”

Liz P.

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“Getting electrolysis has been the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I had years of tweezing and waxing than I care to count. On a whim I called Bonnie for a treatment. After my first treatment I was so happy that I continued the course, at first weekly, then monthly, and eventually going every 6 months to completion. I am pleased to say it has now been 10 years and I just went back for a touchup in which even Bonnie had a hard time seeing the few rougue hair. I think I just missed her and wanted to catch up!!! Thanks again Bonnie It’s been liberating.”

Eileen R.

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“I have had electrolysis treatments for years and If Laser hair removal had been an option years ago, I would have been Bonnie’s best customer. Laser hair removal is wonderful, I have had 3 treatments on my legs and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I rarely have to shave, but before, after shaving, I could always see the black root, now that is GONE, my legs are smoother and clean. Bonnie is terrific, she explains the treatment completely and I always feel at ease. Don’t hesitate to call Bonnie and have your first laser treatment…….You will be thrilled with the results.”


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“I had excessive facial hair on my upper lip for years and it was embarrassing and a nuisance. I have thought about getting laser hair removal done for a long time but was scared to try laser on my upper lip. I was so afraid that the hair would grow back thicker and courser. I always bleached the upper lip area and did electrolysis at times. Laser hair removal sounds scary to people but it really not scary and a lot less painful than any other treatment.

I was reluctant at first and just tried the bikini area. I was so thrilled with the results and could never imagine I could have such smooth, clear skin in areas where I was once plagued with ingrown hairs or stubble. Just knowing I will never have to wax that area again is a relief.

Bonnie put me at ease about the entire procedure. Bonnie is a well trained specialist who is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything I should expect. I had Bonnie do my upper lip and could not be happier with the results. I have also done my underarms along with my bikini area and it is like a dream come true. No more shaving, waxing or bleaching.

Bonnie, thank you for all your help. I am extremely happy with the results and expertise.”


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“If your thinking about laser hair removal just do it . It is so worth it. Bonnie will give you her full attention make you feel comfortable and educate you all at the same time. I have had 5 or 6 treatments in my bikini area and one treatment under my arms. It has been 4 weeks and I have not had to shave under my arms. I Love it. My legs are next. I very happy with my results. Thank you, Thank you, Bonnie your are the best.”


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“Incredible results right after the first laser treatment. I have had 6 treatments and I love the freedom-no shaving, waxing or tweezing! I can wear a bathing suit or a sleeveless shirt without planning for it. Bonnie is a true professional. She is meticulous about her work. She really cares about customer satisfaction. This is the place to go if you are looking for organized, informative, courteous, and sensitive hair removal in the Berkshires!”