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“Thanks Bonnie for all your wonderful work. My face feels as clean as your lovely, clean setting. You are sensitive and make my coming to get my hair removed a pleasure. I recommend Bonnie to anyone who is thinking about hair removal. She’s excellent.”


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“I was reluctant to try laser hair removal for two reasons. 1. Cost 2. Would it work for me. I started with my underarms and have had two treatments. I am sooo pleased with the results – I have not had to shave since my last treatment nearly six weeks ago. Well worth the cost for the convienience. Thank you Bonnie.
I am looking forward to start work on my bikini area this fall and continue onto my legs for a smoother appearance. I would highly recomend a consultation with Bonnie to see what she has to offer.”


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“Bonnie, you made my hair removal process comfortable and bearable. It’s been over 7 years and I’m still happy with the results!
However, as I don’t miss the hair, I do miss our laughs and conversations. It was nice running into the other day at Macy’s. Let’s make a plan to get together soon for lunch or something. Take care…Michele”


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“I started going to Bonnie a few years ago after spending years shaving my upper lip and chin. I had made the mistake of using a razor blade years ago and once I started could not stop. They hair just continued to go heavier and darker each year. Finally, with Bonnie’s talent, knowledge and experience all put together she gave me appointments to try to reverse the damage I had done. Well, after a few appointments on a weekly basis, then one appointment weekly, then one appointment every two weeks, once a month ….. and here I am. I now see Bonnie once or twice a year!! This took a couple years to complete, but I am now in a position to not be embarrassed by the extensive hair growth. She has been able to keep it at bay, no shaving, no regrets — except I so wish I had gone to her years ago!!!!”

Anita Q.

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“To Whom it May Concern: Thank god for Bonnie Kelly and thank god for electrolysis! About 4 years ago illness dictated that I be put on a medication called Prednisone. Unfortunately, one of the many unpleasant side effects of Prednisone is increased facial hair in women. And it happened to me. At the time I was experiencing this dilemma, I was frantic because I knew of no one in this area who did electrolysis. And then — a miracle! Bonnie opened her office and saved my life! In the beginning, I went once a week; then I went progressively less and less until now when I goes once every two months to see what, if any, work needs to be done. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal procedure. Bonnie does excellent work, and I’ll be forever grateful to her. And, incidentally, she’s a great gal!”

Marcy G.

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“It has been over 5yrs. since I’ve completed by electrolysis with Bonnie. I’ve not once had to return for any regrowth. She’s completed my upper lip and eyebrows for me. Before I meet Bonnie I was so conscious of my upper lip especially when talking to other people. She’s given me the confidence I didn’t know I had. She’s so knowledgeable & professional in what she does. Thanks so much Bonnie for everything you’ve done.”


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“Bonnie, thank you for your extra efforts with my sensitive skin! My story: I had been a waxer/tweezer for years until recently when a friend recommended me to Bonnie. I was so excited at the thought of permanent hair removal. Unfortunately, within a few days of my first appointment I had an allergic reaction on/around my eyebrows – of course it didn’t look as bad I thought, but since it was on my face I was very self-conscious of it. I called Bonnie and she told me some steps to take and had me stop in to have her look at it. The chance of an allergic reaction to the electrolysis is very small, but she thought it may have been the metals in the needle she used. After she looked at me in person she thought differently, it must have been her gloves! So, she ordered special gloves just for me and after I had healed I went in for a short session…it was a success!! Bonnie was wonderful, calling to check on me days, evenings, weekends, making sure my reaction was getting better and then working with me to fix the problem so that I could continue with my treatments. I tell anyone I can about Bonnie and how knowledgeable and wonderful she is, and how clean her office is. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a permanent hair removal solution. Thank you Bonnie!



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“Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me. All my life I was self-conscious about my facial hair. I am so glad that I made an appointment with you back then. I am so happy with the results that I just had to let you know. No more plucking or waxing. Thanks again.”


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“Just a little note to thank you for your warmth, kindness, and encouragement. Also, it is just so wonderful to have my face feel so nice and smooth. I don’t have to flinch when my husband reaches out to touch me anymore. Thanks!”


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“This testimonial is long overdue! The fact that it is late in no way takes away from my gratitude for meeting Registerd Electrologist, Bonnie Kelly.

My first appointment with Bonnie was approximately seven years ago. A friend recommended her to me. At that time, my desire was to remove facial hair. Although I am fair skinned, I was using the tweezers almost daily. Initially I scheduled appointments every two weeks with Bonnie and the results were wonderful! The comfort level provided by this professional made and continues to make the experience a pleasure.

As I said, in the first year I met with Bonnie twenty-four times, in 2001 it was seventeen appointments, thirteen in ’02, eleven in ’03, seven in ’04, and six in ’05. I have sworn off tweezing forever! Finally, in the last two years, I have seen Bonnie just twice a year, which is great for my wallet, but I miss our wonderful conversations about family, friends and life in general.