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By April 14, 2009June 2nd, 2010Testimonials

“Bonnie, thank you for your extra efforts with my sensitive skin! My story: I had been a waxer/tweezer for years until recently when a friend recommended me to Bonnie. I was so excited at the thought of permanent hair removal. Unfortunately, within a few days of my first appointment I had an allergic reaction on/around my eyebrows – of course it didn’t look as bad I thought, but since it was on my face I was very self-conscious of it. I called Bonnie and she told me some steps to take and had me stop in to have her look at it. The chance of an allergic reaction to the electrolysis is very small, but she thought it may have been the metals in the needle she used. After she looked at me in person she thought differently, it must have been her gloves! So, she ordered special gloves just for me and after I had healed I went in for a short session…it was a success!! Bonnie was wonderful, calling to check on me days, evenings, weekends, making sure my reaction was getting better and then working with me to fix the problem so that I could continue with my treatments. I tell anyone I can about Bonnie and how knowledgeable and wonderful she is, and how clean her office is. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a permanent hair removal solution. Thank you Bonnie!


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