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Alice B.

By March 25, 2010June 2nd, 2010Testimonials

“Five years ago, I came Bonnie with black hairs on my chin from constantly plucking and a shadow line above my lips. I had been afraid of electrolysis as I had been told many false rumors-only three hairs are removed at a time, it hurts, you have to keep going forever, to name a few. After five weeks, the hair was gone. Bonnie said I could come every other week, then three weeks, then a month. After that, I was to come when I felt I needed it. She was honest-did not have me come when I didn’t need it. I would have had she said the word. Now I may go every six to eight months for a clean up, as I see fit, having one or two light hair that’s visible only to me – and Bonnie. I am no longer embarassed about my facial hair. Thank you, Bonnie. You’ve been a ego booster & made me more self confident. I cannot thank you enough.”

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