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10 Reasons to “Fire” Your Laser Technician or Electrologist

1.  Is your Electrologist licensed by the state they are working in, and is their license current and          displayed in the office?

2.  Does your laser technician work with a medical director, which is a requirement in the State of          Massachusetts?

3.  When doing electrolysis, is the office environment sterile and are disposable needles and                 sterile forceps being used?

4.  Do they wear gloves for your protection and theirs?

5.  Are they doing a comprehensive review of your medical history prior to your treatment?

6.  Is the technician aware of all the medications and herbal supplements you are presently taking?

7.  Before your first full laser treatment, did they have you fill out a skin-typing questionnaire to                  ensure you are a good candidate for laser hair removal?

8.  Will they do” test spots” to see what, if any, adverse skin reactions may occur?

9.  Did they fully explain the procedure, for example, how it works, how long the procedure takes,             and why multiple treatments are required?

10.Did your technician explain to you why you need to stay out of the sun before and after your                 treatment and the importance of using a sunscreen?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, FIRE them!

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